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Fraud or “scams” prevention

In the Chamber we are fully aware of the existence of frequent troubles in the commercial exchange between Mexican and Chinese entrepreneurs, with some of the following being the most common:

  • Payments default
  • Different merchandise than the specified in the purchase order (i.e. sand instead of paraffin).
  • Usurpation of identity or hacking of e-mail accounts where they contact the buyer and request that the payments have to be transfered to different bank accounts.
  • Changes in the quotation when the merchandise is already on its way to the country of destination.

Many times there are no legal documents that support the purchase, since they are made through a verbal contract or by email, so the importer, besides losing money, he/she faced conflicts with the customs authorities for wrong classification of the merchandise, making he/she to lose the import license.

Some payments default by Chinese companies in 2015

Industrial$584-42,612 USD
Polymers$14,450 -$61,500 USD
Textiles$12,500 USD
Electronics$31,900 USD
Cosmetics$260,0035 MXN
Musical instruments$41,608.53 USD
Services$19,000 USD
Hydrocarbons$32,071 USD

Some payments default by Mexican companies in 2015

Industrial   $5,000-12,730 USD
Toys$72,098 USD

Black List

Cargo Transport International Logistcs Co., Ltd.
This company is blackmailing us and extorting us with supposed expenses that made to safeguard the container that brings merchandise of my property and argues that if it is not paid to us it will not give us the BL to release the load. All of its assumptions are false; there were no incidents with the shipping company and no proof of the alleged expenses.
Wealth international Co., Ltd.
We purchased the material by requesting and paying for a rutile content of 87% and 92%. And the supplier sent the material with a lower content than its invoice and chemical analysis reference. Legal aid was sought for fraud.
Zhejiang Feiyue Vehicle Co., LTD
The Mexican company visited a Chinese supplier for the acquisition of 150 products. The payment is made corresponding to the merchandise they require, which, it is reported that in 5 to 10 days would start the production of the 150 products. The customer communicates disagree with the price increase. Customer informs that there are problems with the quality of manufacture of the product so that the corresponding certificates can’t be obtained for proper import to Mexico, for which reason the cancellation of the purchase of the 300 units of the product is requested. The Chinese company refuses to cancel the order so it makes a return proposal of $ 6,450 USD since this amount is 46% of the total of the deposit.
Shijiazhuang Quanling Commerce and Trade CO. LTD
The company makes a purchase order, when the date of receipt of the merchandise is fulfilled, the shipping company communicates to the customs representative that the material in ship does not belong to company. The supplier ignored this situation because he claimed it was for another buyer, so they schedule a shipment. After three weeks of the new agreed date of shipment, and if you do not receive the merchandise, the company requests a refund of your money; that’s when the Chinese provider stops answering phones and responding to emails.
Ngai Shing Development Limited
Mexican company dedicated to the maquila of clothing, realized the purchase of two machines. A supposed hacker takes advantage and intercepts the communication to send an email with the invoice and information of the provider but with different account of electronic mail changing the bank account and name of the beneficiary. The deposit was made thinking that the data came from the supplier. The name of the company and information of the bank to which it was deposited: GLOBTEC TAYCO.
Shandong Jining Ote Import and Export Co. Ltd
The Mexican company had contact with the Chinese company, which found in the page of Alibaba. This company sent samples of polypropylene that worked properly for the products of the Mexican company. The letter of credit was processed and the purchase order was sent. Monex Bank handed over the documents. On September 11, they embarked the company with the alleged resin. The ship arrived at the port of Manzanillo at the end of October 2015. On Saturday14 the container arrived at its Guadalajara plant and upon unloading, the staff realized that it was not the resin they had ordered, but a product similar to Fine sand.
Jinan Daying Chemicals Co. Ltd.
On July 23, 2015, the purchase of 20 tons of Paraffin Wax is made to the Chinese company Jinan Dayin Chemicals, in the amount of $ 17,240 USD. The representative, Ms. Hardy, sent the papers 10 days after the ship arrived at the port, which generated a cost of 10 days of storage (= $ 1,160 USD). At the time of dispatch in the port of Manzanillo, in the presence of the customs authority, inspection was made and only 80 sacks of paraffin were found and the rest contained a white powder of difficult classification. Said container is located in the fiscal warehouse, property of the Customs of Mexico.
Wasser International, Cancún
On two occasions they supplied trichloroisocyanuric acid to Wasser International, Cancún, Mexico. The shipping dates were June 14 and August 17, 2015. It has not yet paid them and lost all contact (no mails or calls answered)
Rancho BellAvista
The Bellasvista Ranch asked the company Fourcolor Packing Co. Ltd to produce boxes. The agreement was reached on the prices to be paid by the Mexican company, which is why the manufacture of these boxes began. When they had to pay for the boxes the Mexican company commented that they had to prepare documents for import but would be finished soon. The problem is that they can not sell the boxes to another customer since they are stamped with the specifications of the company Rancho BellAvista. Never again was there any response or responsibility on the part of the company.
Grupo Hermoideas
Failure to pay for goods sent by Chinese company
Alia Global Logistics, S.A. de C.V.
Mexican company contacts the Chinese company and agrees to buy merchandise by paying a deposit of 30% and 70% when it arrives in Mexican port, with the BL test. The agreement is concluded, they sign contract and send merchandise. When goods arrive, they do not answer calls or mails to Chinese company and wait for the time that gives customs is finished. Customs finishes the merchandise. The Mexican company participates in an auction and keeps the goods at a fraction of the cost. The Chinese company loses $ 25,600 dollars that it could not charge and of course also the merchandise. The Chamber receives support request, contacts the Mexican company and they say they are interested in clarifying the point but have not responded to the date.