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Membership process

Become our member and have access to our network of contacts, discounts on services and events, political and business links, privileged commercial information, and other personalized services to protect and promote your business.

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    Membership Schemes
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    Membership application form

Strategic member More than 251 employees

Active member51 to 250 employees

Medium company member11 to 50 employees

Small company member2 to 10 employees

Business Professional1

  • Business license
  • Organization / enterprise code
  • Bank account certificate
  • Tax registration
  • Application form
  • ID of the company’s representative
  • Brief business profile
  • Logo (in high definition)
  • Membership payment bank receipt
Business Professional
  • Tax bill
  • Registration format
  • Official identification
  • Summary of activity performed
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Members’ rights

The purpose of the Chamber of Commerce and Technology Mexico China is to REPRESENT, PROMOTE and DEFEND the interests of its ASSOCIATES with regard to bilateral trade between Mexico and China, goods and services, tourism, industry and business in general .
The articles of the association indicate as rights of the members:

I. Have a voice and vote in the ordinary assemblies
II. Be elected to join any of the Association's organs, as long as they meet the requirements of the articles.
III. Participate in meetings and events organized by the association.
IV. Enjoy the benefits of any kind achieved by the association.
V. The others that appear from the nature of the present articles and the respective regulations.
VI. The Chamber reserves the right of admission.
VII. The information provided will only be public knowledge with the prior written agreement of the companies.

  • The General Assembly of Associates may, at the request of the Board of Directors, order the sanction and / or exclusion of the associates under the causes indicated in Article 31 of its articles.